DACHSER strengthens air freight service between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Frankfurt, Germany

DACHSER Malaysia has enhanced its air freight service capability on the route between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Frankfurt, Germany to serve the growing demand from industries including electric and electronic (E&E), automotives, medical and pharmaceutical with higher weekly frequency. This strategic enhancement enables seamless connectivity to DACHSER's extensive European network. The new service is also characterized by cost efficiency and reliability.

The new service is also characterized by cost efficiency and reliability.

By providing door-to-door service with reliable transit times, DACHSER aims to enhance flexibility and efficiency in its customers' supply chain operations. The increased frequency of flights between Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt reflects DACHSER's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients in key industries.  

Malaysia stands as one of the largest exporters of E&E products, driving the country's industrial development and its transition into Industry 4.0. Aligned with the government’s New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP2030), Malaysia aspires to become a high-tech industrialized nation, focusing on growth industries such as electronics, chemicals, and automotive manufacturing.

This industrial vision highlights the critical role of efficient logistics solutions in supporting Malaysia's growth and innovation objectives. DACHSER's strengthened air freight service between Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt aligns with Malaysia's industrial objectives, providing essential connectivity to key markets in Europe and beyond.

Seamless connection to DACHSER’s extensive European network

Benefiting from DACHSER's comprehensive global network, shipments arriving at Frankfurt Gateway seamlessly connect to European destinations via a network characterized by high delivery frequencies, ensuring rapid and reliable transport across borders.

Moreover, DACHSER offers air freight customers the option of "Sustainable Fuel" booking, available globally for an additional charge. This service allows customers to opt for biofuel usage, thereby reducing environmental impact. Upon request, DACHSER provides an emissions report and certificate detailing emissions saved, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) volume used, consumption year, and raw material source. This initiative underscores DACHSER's commitment to more sustainable logistics practices, empowering customers to mitigate their carbon footprint.

As Malaysia advances towards its industrial goals, DACHSER's strengthened air freight service not only aligns with the country's objectives but also reinforces its position as a reliable logistics partner. Leveraging decades of industry expertise and equipped with industry-specific knowledge, the DACHSER team ensures precise and efficient handling of shipments, optimizing supply chain operations for businesses.

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